For business

Take the challenge of innovation in your business by implementing humanoid robots to enrich customer experience and transform the interface you use to interact with them.

Surprise store guests with an extraordinary welcome

Offer your customers a unique experience as they enter your storefront. Pepper welcomes them, supports them in the early stages of their shopping journey and guides them according to their demands or desires. Connected to your CRM or sales tools or pre-programmed with relevant information, the robot selects applications - simple or complex – to assist directly or can call staff when needed.

Introduce your customers to your products and services in a new light

Spark the curiosity of your customers by letting Pepper guide them through a discovery of your products and services. Using interactive animations and demonstrations, Pepper will entertain your customers, inform them and optimize the performance of your sales force.

Transform your customer experience with personalized services

Through connection with your CRM system, Pepper allows you to recommend products and suggest services based on individual customer purchase history.
Thanks to your existing customer information combined with new data gathered during interacting with Pepper, which includes comments and emotions, Pepper allows you to customize experiences and maximize conversion rates.

Some examples of companies who rely on Pepper:

SoftBank :

Since 2014, about 2000 Pepper robots have been deployed in the SoftBank shops around Japan. Pepper's mission is to create interest, generate traffic to the stores, greet customers, present company offers and provide entertainment to make instore waits more pleasant.

Nestlé :

Nestlé Japan began integrating Pepper into its Nescafé stores in December 2014 and plans to equip about 1,000 stores with Pepper to inform customers about different products and services. Pepper is responsible for attracting customers to the sales areas, foster conversation with customers and recommend the best coffee machine according to their preferences.



SNCF has chosen Pepper to offer a new experience to travellers in 3 stations in the Pays de la Loire area (Nort-sur-Erdre, Les Sables d’Olonne and Saumur).
This is a world first in the transport sector.
Specific applications make Pepper a real link in the chain of TER Pays de la Loire services:

  • Detection of people in the station and interaction with them,
  • Information on trains and the surrounding areas,
  • Recording of customer satisfaction,
  • Diversions for the station area (dances, games) in the event of people waiting and crowds at the ticket offices.

Carrefour :

Pepper is also present in Europe in Carrefour supermarkets where he entertains customers by offering fun activities and tracks visitor satisfaction by asking visitors a series of questions.

Other companies have chosen to integrate Pepper in the heart of their business strategy.

This is the case for LOFT specialty shops, the Seven & I Holdings Co. and Mizuho Bank in Japan.


In the education sector, the Benesse Group also chose Pepper to ensure good visibility at its training centers.