Paper toys

Build your very own Paper Toy robot

Feeling crafty? Robot fan? Great news, thanks to these little paper robots you can now combine both! We have designed for you the cutest tiny bots with the famous faces of Pepper and NAO. Do not waste any more time, from your home or your workplace, get your own Pepper or NAO Paper Toys. Click on the pictures below to download the templates you want.

NAO TemplatePepper Template
NAO templatePepper template

How to craft your Paper Toy ?

All you need for the Paper Toys mission is: a pair of scissors, a stick of glue and two hands.

  • First of all, you need to print the template previously downloaded.
  • Then, carefully cut out the models as shown on the template (if you are too young to use scissors, ask your parents for a some help).
  • Once you got all your pieces, fold up the dotted lines with precision.
  • Grab your glue when everything is prepared: it is time to bring the Paper Toys to life.
  • Apply glue where it is needed and assemble your little robot.

Here is a short video summing up the process of building the Paper Toy. Do not worry if you make a little mistake in the process: you can always reprint a template!

What can I do with my Paper Toy ?

Now that your little friend is standing up next to you, it is time to be creative! Look around you to find the perfect spot for your Paper Toys.  You can imagine a little scenery for the paper robots to have fun in or make them meet new friends. Make one, make two or build a family if you feel like it!

Paper Toys NAO and Pepper

When you are done, take a picture to immortalize the scene and share it with your friends on social networks with the hashtag #MyPaperToy. The best and most creative pictures will be featured on our pages, or more... ;)
Good luck and have fun!