Hoomano develops solutions for a social robotic adapted to a retail environment. They are driven by the desire to create a better client experience and to put a smile on every visitor’s face.  


Hoomano focused for the last few years on developing an application useful for companies, Robot in Retail. Thanks to it, a NAO or Pepper robot can be placed in an entrance hall or store and interact with customers. The applications, that can be customized to fit the company’s needs, are built around key retail challenges: “Welcoming”, “Product Demonstration”, “Entertainment”, “Customer Intelligence” and “Check-out”. While visitors are welcomed by a humanoid robot, salesmen can handle the flow of visitors more easily. NAO is able to provide useful information about products location in the store, current sales, fidelity programs, and can call a seller if a customer needs him. In addition to the solution, Hoomano proposes a tablet connected to the NAO robots for an experience even more visual.

Robot in Retail offers an access to a web interface allowing the company to manage its robot fleet, by assigning them to a specific store or mission while setting a deployment duration. The CMS allows the user to create and modify content, flexible according to the situation (robot alone, facing one visitor, a crowd…). This platform is also a way to analyze data gathered by the robot and displayed on graphics, detailing the age range of visitors, their gender, their distribution during the day or the most asked information.

> Website: http://hoomano.com/