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Paris, France - May 24th, 2016 - SoftBank Robotics Europe (Aldebaran) unveils several business use cases of its famous robot, Pepper, during its first European event, Pepper Partners Europe, held at the 2016 Innorobo show, from May, 24th to 26th in Paris.

Launched in June 2014, Pepper is the first social humanoid robot capable of understanding and reacting to human emotions. Pepper is well equipped with features and a high level interface for communicating with those around him. Pepper analyzes expressions and voice tones using the latest advances in voice and emotion recognition.

Currently, Pepper is available in Japan. Already used in SoftBank and Nescafe stores, among others, Pepper can welcome customers, drive traffic, give information about products and services and even collect data. Pepper is redefining customer experience.

A dedicated space to discover Pepper’s business possibilities

During Innorobo, SoftBank Robotics Europe organizes the first European event dedicated to Pepper in business. With an exhibition space of about 400 square meters, Pepper Partners Europe event invites business visitors to discover BtoB solutions developed for Pepper with 23 of our Certified Partners.

These wide ranges of specific applications that can be incorporated into Pepper’s various capabilities (including motion, conversation and sensors) allow visitors to experience a lot of Pepper’s “business” capabilities, such as welcoming, informing or entertaining clients.

Pepper Partners Europe event aims to introduce Pepper Certified Partners, their solutions for business and enlarge Pepper’s business ecosystem. All kind of companies from industries such as retail, banking, hospitality or healthcare are invited to discover and develop solutions with our Partners and create new uses.

From May 24th, 2016, Pepper will be available in Europe through our partners to any company interested in building pilot projects with Pepper at a price of 19,900 euros, including professional services. Our business and development partners will expand Pepper’s capabilities with their solutions.

SoftBank Robotics plans to intensify the development of BtoB solutions through its current and future partners and develop new use cases to demonstrate all benefits Pepper can bring to businesses.

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